Bitter or better?

“You either get BITTER or you get BETTER.

It’s that simple.

You either take what has been dealt to you and allow it to make you a better person, or you allow it to tear you down.

THE CHOICE does not belong to fate, it BELONGS TO YOU.” – Josh Shipp

A friend posted this on FB today. So applicable to us - even if Josh Shipp aims his work at teens and twenties!

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  • Too true. And surely in our heads we're still in our twenties, if not our teens!

  • Are you that old??????????

  • Some days I feel really grown up - but not many - I'm glad to say!

  • If I feel like that I turn and run! Don't want to do adult...

  • Didn't say I did it very often!

    Somehow I can always manage to get the kids to say "oh mother!" Great innit!😉

  • @ DL

    Yup - been there too! Though it is the older one who does the "Oh MOTHER!" line - and SHE has NO room to talk!

  • I've managed to get them to say it simultaneously even though they're 11,000 miles and 12 hours apart!

    Quite proud of that one! 👍

  • That IS impressive!

  • WOW! you don't mean I've impressed the guru!

    Mind you, technology helped - a little!

  • My teen just told me that she didn't see many advantages to turning 18 and being an adult. "She is excited to vote, can buy lottery tickets and get a tattoo but she's now responsible for her medical decisions and any financial trouble she gets in to !" We then had a conversation about tattoos and finances! What a day - and it's just started...

  • Oh heck... Rather you nor me!!!!!!!!!

  • Completely agree. I have learnt so much from compassion to appreciating true friendship and dozens of other things. There are always positive things to come out of any situation - my belief anyway.

  • Sadly I think I reached my peak at three. :D

  • A child prodigy then!

  • Actually, I think so. ;) But it's been downhill ever since!

  • Never truer words have been spoken. With positive mental attitude and the many friends on here, who can be bitter?

  • Thanks for all those uplifting comments, I have been feeling great over the last few weeks.....making me rather complacent!!!!!! BIG MISTAKE.....Over the last two weeks I have done so much and today I feel dreadful and until reading your comments was feeling rather sorry for myself..........however on reflection's my own fault ...I am not BITTER and I WILL get BETTER.

    I am so grateful to have found this site, the information and encouragement given is a 'Guiding Light in the Darkness'



  • Yeah, I had what felt like really normal day yesterday, driving myself to appts & errands. Then had a bad night - my good eye optic nerve pain. So scary. Better today, almost upped pred to 80 on my own reconnaissance. Tried celebrex instead, helped.

  • Careful with Celebrex and high dose steroids - NSAIDs and pred is not a good mix.

  • I know. At a loss though. Know anyway to protect tummy from celebrex?

  • You are on a PPI (omeprazole or the like) or ranitidine (Zantac) I assume? Always take it with plenty of food. But really - it isn't a drug I'd like to mix with pred. It has a black box warning all of its own for cardiovascular side effects and gastric bleeding.

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