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I discovered this sight a couple of weeks ago and am finding it very informative. I have had PMR for four years and am having a very bad flare. Have been as low as 6mg Pred but am now back to 30mg. Could the person who mentioned a good Rheumatologist in Leeds please let me know their name as I am not far away from there. Have never seen a Rheumatologist but am having an MSK assessment soon to establish if anything else is going on. Many thanks for all your comments and support.

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  • Hi,

    Think it might have been PMRpro, but sure someone will advise soonest.

  • Yes you were right. I now know who it is. Thank you for your interest.

  • Dr Sarah Mackie and the rheumatology team based at Chapel Allerton.

  • Thank you. I appreciate that and will try to see her.

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