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Cannot believe I am so excited at being sent a Blue Badge. Will be a great help as parking in Lewes is awful and I am still really ill for 70% of the time. Struggling to reduce the Pred - and even 1 mg down can make me ill. I stay on each dose for 7 days. Now down to 21 mg. Have been waiting for my head scan results for over three weeks and still waiting for my next appmt. with the rheumatologist which should have been last week. I have been feeling really depressed and the blue badge has quite cheered me up. Silly isnt it.

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  • I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry when I got mine! But it does really help and means that I can go shopping when I couldn't before.

    You will discover, however that availability is very patchy and so the badge is not always helpful. John Lewis in Ashford have, for some reason, put the spaces for parents much nearer the door than the disabled spaces, and the lift is right at the back of the shop- not much good!

    I hope you get your scan results soon- I had to follow mine up only to discover they had got stuck somewhere in the system , so it is often worth checking with all the relevant people and pushing.

  • Yep, know what you mean. If I were cynical (heaven forbid) I might think some organisation pay lip service to the BB scheme - some of the designated spots are bizarre to say the least.

    Still -mustn't grumble, generally makes life easier!

  • Not really - I know when I was really bad pre-pred having a BB would have been like Christmas! If I couldn't park somewhere I couldn't go, pure and simple.

    As suzy says - follow up those results if you can. I had an EEG does that was supposed to be reported for the follow-up appointment 3 weeks later - they asked to be sure. No sign, and they eventually appeared nearly 3 months down the line! Must have walked on their own from Hospital A to Hospital B...

  • I did ring the rheumy secretary and she has emailed him and also to ask why I havnt got an appointment but that was on Monday and I have heard nothing. Problem is that he has six surgeries - each some distance apart and I am guessing he is overworked. Will hang on til Friday and then maybe ring again. Thanks for all the help you give.

  • I have bad one for 2 years and it's been an absolute godsend. Hope you can make good use of it 😊

  • My BB turned my life around. I could finally get to places. I was so fed up of not being able to go out as I couldn't walk far. It can be a problem still finding somewhere. As well as the BB I joined our Shop mobility scheme and so I can swap from car to scooter and terrorise the town : D I can now meet my friends when I am feeling up to it which has helped with my depression too.

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