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Alternative therapy the continuing story

Not wishing to retell the whole saga I refer interested people to my other posts on alternative therapy where you will find descriptions of low intensity light therapy.

Over the late summer I reduced my visits to the physiotherapist for my light therapy session to once a fortnight. At the beginning I'd been going twice a week, then once a week. During that time, from last November to sometime in July I went from 8 mg pred to 3 mg. In September I attempted to reduce to 2.5 but had to increase again, just as the taper was about to be completed. Took 3.5 for 4 days then returned to 3 where I've been without incident for over a week.

Consulting with my therapist today we've decided that in November I will try the taper again, but this time will increase the therapy sessions back to once a week. We both agreed that if this makes no difference we'll acknowledge that the therapy has taken me as far as it can, and I could perhaps just come back every four to six weeks for maintenance. I'm very happy with where I am today, PMR-wise, but have a gut feeling that for the sake of all my other body systems I really need to get pred down to 2 mg if I can without relapsing. Will report back in late November to let you know what transpired!

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~Well done Heron ~ :)

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Thanks for keeping us updated. Wish you all the very best and look forward to hearing how next stage goes.

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