Traveled today about 5 hours in car, and another 3 flying... Long long day. Feeling ok, tired... We were sitting in the truck and I asked my husband why he didn't shut off the engine. He looked at me and said" it IS off". I thought he was teasing me... But it was! I just had this sensation, in my torso, my bottom, my arms and legs of vibration. It's the oddest thing. Never have felt this before but it's very disconcerting.... Anyone had something similar??

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  • Hi

    I often get it after traveling a long way, its as if my body is still on the move even though I have arrived home and sat in a hair resting .it soon goes off but it is a weird feeling.

    Also if I have over done things its a sign for me to stop


  • I had the vibrating, buzzing sensation after having an endometrial biopsy recently!....lasted a couple of days. Asked my doctor about it and she said she has felt the same thing after a similar procedure....she said probably just "tapped" a nerve during the procedure!! Was not uncomfortable so much as weird😊

  • I tried out a massage bed last week and had to get salesman to turn it off asap as it seemed to affect my head .it was a very weird sensation just like you describe and the sales man thought I must have tinnitus which I don't think I have but I felt very "mixed up" and a but spaced out for about an hour......anyone got any ideas.thanks

  • I get vibrations on my left hip. Its as though i have my mobile phone with me and its vibrating. It comes and goes.

  • Yes! I've been certain my phone is vibrating, also near my hip. Then I realize the phone isn't even in my pocket. Like yours it comes and goes.

  • I feel as if there is a generater going on under the ground, my grandson has even put his ear on the ground to reasure me

  • Yes. I used to get a buzzing feeling or feeling of an electrical current. Very unsettling, but eventually went away.

    I agree with Rose54, that when you start to feel it, it's probably a sign you have overdone and need to rest..

    You will find that if you start listening to your body's clues and learn to stop and rest immediately, you will be able to recharge your battery faster. If you ignore the signs to try and finish a task, you will often find yourself wiped out for a full day or more.

  • This is what I am learning at the moment, for sure!

  • I experienced some vibrations last week, but they were good ones. Think it was because I'd been listening to an old Beach Boys album.. ;-) :-D

  • Nice one Mark !!! I, too, have experienced those while listening to The Beach Boys ! 😀

  • 😂😂😂

  • I have had similar after a few hours travelling. I think it is very normal and nothing to do with PMR. Your body just gets acclimatised to the movement and vibration and then carries on feeling it for a few hours afterward.

  • Well I am relieved thst it's gone this morning. It really freaked me out!! 🔌🔌🔌

  • Zacsimi, although I'm sure your experience was a little unnerving, it is really not surprising after the hours you spent sitting in both a plane and a car. I remember years ago a floating feeling after a return trip by ferry to Denmark resulting in a bad case of vertigo. So, as 'IdasMum' has said, nothing to do with PMR just due to all the travelling involved, and usually a short-lived experience.

  • I feel you Zacsmimi, I used to flu a lot and remember how I had to vibrate for awhile after my long trips and sometimes between trip usually in the hotel.

  • I traveled a lot with work before PMR. I have flown twice since diagnosis - never before. I'm just glad it's gone!

  • Hi Zacsmimi, I frequently have a buzzing in my feet and legs. Sometimes its just a tingling or pins and needles, sometimes it gets stronger and feels like a buzzing. I have seen a neurologist. I have short nerve neuropathy which apparently is the cause. He said it has been brought on by the prednisolone. Some days it is so strong it is extremely uncomfortable.

  • Hi, i've had the feeling that my cell phone is on vibrate. It was my left shirt pocket area, where i often carry my phone. It wasnt painful, just weird. Only lasted a few seconds each time. Curious.

  • i often get vibrations in my leg thinking that my mobile is on vibrate where it is not. It even happens in a "dead area" of my leg where the nerves do not function. I have asked my Rhuemy, but he cannot give me an answer for it. Just another weird thing to add to the list that happens to me !!

  • I started taking neurontin 2 weeks ago, had a lot of buzzing, vibrations in my body, mostly my jaw & neck. Med is helping.

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