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Can anyone give me some answers

I went docs today about horrible pains understanding a lot were from back problems asked the question was it possible that some might be due to flare up if pmr as still not sure 100per cent what pmr is

Got told I don't know some docs

say you have pmr some say you haven't

And between us in my words as can't remember his we docs argue a lot about it and that was my answer from him so non the wiser if I thought I have not got pmr I would not be taking steroids so now don't know what to do am I putting up with these steroids side effect for nothing

Has anyone had this problem if so would be very grateful if you would let me know what you done thanks

I do realise we are all different

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Not sure what you want answered Rusty8 - many people experience disputes between doctors as to what they have and PMR is no exception. Perhaps if you tell us your symptoms we can say whether they resemble what we have had. Sorry if you have already told us - but there are so many posts on here it is easy to forget.


I don't think your experience is that unusual. My pain specialist MD said it is very difficult, if not impossible, to separate which pain is due to PMR and what is due to back-related issues. He was well versed in PMR so we worked together to relieve as much of my pain as possible.

As I decrease my prednisone, the back pain comes back but I know it is related to back problems because I am not having PMR muscle pain in other areas. I'm using a TENS unit to help with back pain now.

Hope this helps a little. It sure would be nice if doctors didn't have to use trial and error methods and we could get black and white answers. Medicine isn't that advanced when it comes to PMR yet. Thank goodness we're getting closer.


Thank you very much for your answer that's what I wanted to hear not the answer I received from doc I now feel 100per cent happier and now might understand a bit of what's going on

Can't thank you enough June


I suffered back pain whilst on pred, so much so that I ended up in a wheelchair as I could not even walk two car lengths. Eventually took PMRpro's advice and booked three sessions with a Bowen Therapist. I walked out with a stick and then was able to dump the wheelchair and use a zimmer frame and stick. Then more sessions and dumped the zimmer frame. I now only use a walking stick on rough ground.

So it worked for me, the pain was turned into an ache very quickly and I was then able to ignore it.

I had to have more sessions when I had an op, which laid me up for some months. It worked again.

The beauty of Bowen, is it is so gentle and you only have to book three one hour sessions on consecutive weeks, if there is no improvement the Bowen Therapist will tell you straight away that it is not working for you. They are honest.

Worth a go?

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You're very welcome.


I'm just the same. I worked my prednisone down from 60 to zero in six months and was feeling fairly well considering some of the other diseases I have. Then I finally found a good rheumy and he did 27 blood tests. Everything was normal except my sed rate, which was higher than it has ever been! He put me back on ten and I am so miserable again. But at least I have found a doctor who can help me with this cruel disease. I had gca along with the polymyalgia rheumatic plus I have MmDS. This has been a hard day for me. Hope you feel better soon.


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