New to site ,looking for advice on latest symptoms

Hi I am totally new to this site I am 60 years old and 2 years ago I had a double heart bypass ,thankfully my problem was identified before I had a heart attack .I have struggled with medications and still suffer irregular heart beats and now wake up with numb hands and sometimes a feeling of burning along which ever limb I am lying on .Have an appt to see a Neurologist in Oct !!

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  • I'm really far from sure that you are in the right place on this forum - PMR isn't a neurology problem, it's probably a vasculitis and we see rheumatologists. So I doubt many of us have advice to share with you.

  • Hi thanks for responding Although I have been referred to Neurology I am scepital as to whether that is the right specialism as I feel my symptoms when all added together suggest a possible rheumatology issue ,have to wait and see.

  • The symptoms you describe really don't match with anything PMR patients complain of. If you have other problems do please tell us about them.

  • Hi I get pain across my shoulders,hips and neck area On a morning my ankles don't work and I get pain and redness around some toe and finger joints I any absolutely worn out all of the time and food which I normally love is of no interest ,my appetite has left home I have lost weight .

  • I don't know much about these things but when you describe redness and swelling around the joints I think of rheumatoid arthritis. Have you been checked for that? I have a cousin who was virtually crippled by RA and in her early 50s had to have two ankle replacements. The symptoms of fatigue and loss of appetite could describe almost anything which is making you feel wretched. I hope you get an accurate diagnosis soon. All the best.

  • Many thanks for replying Mr Dr has fixated on the idea of neurology and currently isn't taking notice of the wider symptoms , which is proving frustrating .

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