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New and Just Diagnosed w PMR

I had a episode of PMR 12 to 10 years ago that the general md diagnosed as RA as I was quite swollen in hands and knees. I took Methotrexate for it. 2 years later a Rheumatologist said I had Osteoarthritis as it appeared in my hands and blood work. Now 10 years later I had horrible 3-4 weeks bedridden and could not get a proper diagnosis for 2 months when I saw a RA who said it appears to be PMR. Now I have been on Prednisone and am reducing it to 12.5 mg for the first time. How long does it take to not feel jittery, clumsy and tired? I have been sick almost 4 months now.

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Everyone is different so there is no plain answer. The jitters will improve as you reduce the dose and as your body become more used to pred. The clumsy and tired bit is more the underlying cause of the PMR - an autoimmune disorder - and the pred does nothing for that, it is just managing the symptoms to allow you a better quality of life in the meantime until the autoimmune disorder burns out and goes into remission again. That may be as little as a couple of years but they are the minority, more likely is up to 5 years, more or less. A few of us have it for even longer.

Did the mtx work the first time round?


Methotrex is a dangerous drug and was very slow - maybe 6 months to reduce the pain. I have read since it is not for PMR but my MD saw it as RA. He insisted I stay on it so I would not lose my joints. Scared me into using it for over 2 years. My hands started looking like blood circulation was off and that is when I got to an RA and was in total remission off drugs for 10 years.


There are rheumies who insist on using it for PMR - does it work? No idea - but they won't be trying it on me!



Could be flippant and say - how long is a piece of string?

As PMRpro says we are all different, but once your body has got used to Pred the jitters should even out a bit. As for clumsy and tired, unfortunately considerably longer. You just have to concentrate on things a bit more, and that doesn't come easy.

Just don't go shopping where they have expensive cut glass on sale and you'll be fine! Good excuse not to do the washing up as well.

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I did my first reduction today and felt better. 12.5 mg . I hope tomorrow will be good too.


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