Table Tennis doubles Saturday evening… don’t do it!!

The weekend was great; Friday evening I popped over to the fella’s place and dined on twiglets and a deliciously chilled Sancerre, I felt very relaxed and not too unhealthy. I didn’t sleep brilliantly but bounced out of bed at 7.15 and was home by 8am. I have my house on the market and a there was a viewing planned at 10.30 Saturday morning. I wanted to be home to make sure it was in a relatively tidy state for that.

by 10.15 I had dragged the terrible teens out of their pits and we all, including my first borns girlfriend took off to walk the dog whilst the viewing was carried out by the estate agent. The hot topics on the walk covered included Tattoo’s, proper dogs are not whippets and how bad would it be if the dad couldn’t hold his own in a fight anymore! I simply listened, as engaging in any of these conversations would have been useless.

It was warm and my hips were aching; before PMR..(how many of us have said over time?) I really had no issue walking and regularly would walk 2-5 miles at a time without even thinking about it.

Once the house was confirmed free of visitors, we piled back in and everyone took up normal weekend positions. Dog on sofa, me trying to squeeze onto sofa, youngest in bedroom, oldest on another sofa! I had worked quite hard, tidying hoovering etc.. so popped something on TV and vegetated. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I had to get up and cook/sling something together for lunch.

Mum arrived about 30 mins after we got in. She’d bought a paper and thought I needed to know what was going on in the “daily mail” world and so read out every column to me. I wasn’t grateful. She was hot and wanted a cup of tea; she was also sharing out-loud the options on how to hide the hot iron mark which materialised on the carpet last week!! So after getting into a relatively good position between aching hips, sore neck, big dog, and lumpy sofa I got up to make mum tea.

The heat is on and its now midweek, the lack of sleep is really showing in both my mood and my eyes. Have adopted the smoky eye look to combat black rings under my eyes and wearing bright red lipstick – another distraction technique. I do look a bit like a Barbara Cartland advert or someone from an 80’s music video! hey I’m happy with it.

My youngest announced he has decided to learn the guitar and I have listened to the same strumming for the last 72 hours. What with the heat and the badly played strumming I swear it’s amazing he is still alive? I was secretly hoping last night that perhaps "devil dog" might decide to chew the guitar up while we are out. One can dream eh! Whilst listening and watching the endless guitar playing I was also thinking about my oldest who announced to grandma he was going to a lake to swim and would be home at some point. At some point? What lake? Who with? As you can imagine the anxiety was building. probably along to the beat of the ever louder strumming. Anyway he turned up eventually in one piece much to my relief.

I have been lifting and shifting around a few boxes this week at work and subsequently from my elbows up I am aching.

Next week I start tapering down !!

Its Thursday now and schools out, so not so much pressure in the mornings. I woke at 4pm and chatted to an old school friend on messenger in St Kitts , funnily enough she was moaning about the heat too!.

So this week I’ve had only 2 mini magnums, a handful of Maltesers and 2 raspberry Ciders. One date (disastrous), no menthol fags but moved onto roll-ups and I’m so crap at making them, I’ve only had about 20 all week and I feel like I eaten nothing but chicken and tuna. Still its Friday tomorrow, and am up north with some colleagues for a work event. it could get messy! Have a great weekend everyone x

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Carry on blogging, Anne-NRAS. Then I can sit back and live vicariously through you. Thanks for a bit of light relief.


Thank you.. I have had such positive feedback - good for the soul



Love your blog, I am sure we can all relate to lots of this.

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I envy you your Sancerre. I haven't touched a drop of alcohol since dry January. It seems to really exacerbate my condition with the hangover from hell after a modest amount. I have however, become a chocolate monster, which is new to me and doesn't help the big belly I'm nurturing. No wonder there is a link with diabetes, I have developed a passion for sugar and cream. Sigh!


Morning, I have to admit I have definitely cut down on the alcohol, and have noticed the hangovers are worse if I drink too much and Ive always been a chocolate monster.. can't give everything up!!

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It's strange, when I was first diagnosed and on 20mg of pred I found I could drink much more red wine than previously with no ill effects! I didn't abuse this and stopped at 3 glasses. Now I am on 1mg, more than one glass means a sleepless night and a bad day following this. A shame!


How bizarre! Pred stopped me drinking most red wines - I just felt disgusting. I was far pickier about whites as well. I can drink our local reds again, very light, almost rose sometimes, but rarely risk more than a sip of the heavy stuff I used to love. And dry white is back on the menu...


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