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Hi I posted about my doctor lowering my prednisolone to 10 from 15mg in 2 weeks.

After reading all your remarks, which were invaluable, I told my doctor I wasn't doing so good on lower dose.

He has been very helpful and has now put me back on 15mg for 2 weeks, then reducing by 1mg every 2 weeks until I reach 10 again or higher if I get an adverse reaction.

Thanks to all who responded to me.

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  • Good. Glad to hear he listened to you. But please make sure you feel okay on15mg before you reduce again, and just watch the fortnightly drops, if in doubt stay at each level a little longer. Lots of people reduce monthly, some can do it quicker - but it's not a race. You need to keep the inflammation under control at all times! Good luck.

  • That may well work. I was able to reduce by 1 mg every week from 15 to 10, but after that it's been dead slow nearly stop all the way. Any gradual return of PMR symptoms, and go back up by 1 mg to see if that is the dose you need to stay at for a bit longer.

  • I sometimes suspect that some of these doctors do not know that much about PMR but will never admit it to the patient!

  • Many of them haven't heard of it never mind know much about it!

  • Thank you all.

  • Did GP take your word for how you were feeling or did you have further blood tests? Glad you now have longer to adjust.

  • Yes my Doctor accepted what I had told him and adjusted accordingly.

    Downside.. He is a locum and leaving the surgery before I have to go back, so I will have to start with another Doctor on my next visit.

    Hope they are just as sympathetic.

  • Two reductions plans, available by sending an email, subject heading Reduction Plans to

    Devised by patients for patients and currently being tested in a research programme, you might want to take a look and discuss with your GP.

  • thanks will do

  • can i have email address again as this one came back undelivered


    If it fails again, give me your email address via here and I will personally see you get them.

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