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endocrine clinic


I have an appointment in 2 weeks time in an endocrine clinic. Was in hospital for observations for hypoglycemia and found out that my glands have very poor functions and causes me a lot of troubles for the last few years and now it is all make sense. It is amazing to know that small glands have such of big role in our body otherwise they will not be there of course** As anyone has treatment under endocrine team and would like to share. Thank you


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Hello VIVI

Can you tell me what symptoms you were having in the past few years re your glands, I assume you mean the Adrenals ? I have been taking Prednisolone for 16 years for GCA and due for an Adrenal test this Thursday to see if they are functioning as they should be. I understand that the test doesn't take long.



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Dear Bowler

I do not know much at the moment as I am waiting for my appointment at the endocrine clinic to give me a better picture. I was always tired ,lack of sleep, low mood very low in vitamins iron low blood counter in general getting chest infection and getting infested even from a small scratch. Then started episodes of hypoglycemia going down under 1.7 and the i got admitted in hospital I had different tests and one special medicine to stimulate my glands which did not respond well , I will tell you more if you want after my hosp visit. Thank you Vivi


Thank you for your reply, I was just curious as to what your symptoms were, so don't worry, as katpat posted her symptoms.

I had my adrenal test done on Thurs. so I await the result of that, however as I am still taking Pred [ now down to 9mgs ] I'm not hopeful of a true result, as I understand I should be on a low dose before I could have the test, when I pointed this out to the Dr. he said I could still have the test done.

Hope your hosp. visit all goes well



vivi13 hello. I recently was referred to an Endocrinologist due to symptoms that could have pointed to poor adrenal function (as I tapered off prednisone). If it is of interest to you, I was having increased pain generalized, sweating, increased fatigue. Unfortunately, this presented in a way that seemed could possibly be a PMR flair. Lab work was done (injection -- then 3 lab draws 30 min apart). The test itself is certainly nothing to be concerned about. I received my report approximately a week later, and Iwas happy to learn that my adrenal function was normal. I was diagnosed with PMR in Aug 2014 and GCA in Dec 2014. I am happy to add more detail and answer any questions that would benefit you.


Dear Katpat

Thank you for your message I am glad to hear that you had a good news ,I will stay in contact until I know better .See you Vivi


I am often breathless and have a fast heart rate and poor lung capacity. I believe it's all part of it.


HI thank you with steroids my blood pressure went too high and now started tablets for it so you could be right side effects . fix with one thing unfix with another one


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