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Happy Update

In pain for over three months, Dr that did the nerve testing on me felt my symptoms could be PMR along with carpal tunnel syndrome put me on steroid, GP felt I did not have PMR due to my blood levels and took me off of Prednisone. Pain returned and for the third time I was started on Pred after I called my GP back and said I don't know why I have this pain, but I can't take it. For the third time the pain was all gone after two pills. I was referred to a rheumatologist in the beginning of June and the first available was mid September. The good news I wanted to share was that they had a cancellation (I've been calling them) and I get to see the specialist on July 12th!! I can't wait to hear her recommendation. I don't want to have PMR, don't want to stay on a steroid if I don't need it, but I just want some answers and not be in pain too. I'm so thankful for this group and all the great advice I was given. Hope you all have a great day!

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Hope you get some constructive advice on the 12th. Please let us know what the outcome is. It may or may not be PMR, but at least you'll know, and then can make plans for the future.

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mo3go7, well done on keeping up the pressure and getting that appointment brought forward. Let us know how you get on - in view of your fast response to steroids on so many occasions, it would be surprising if the rheumy ruled out PMR. Lots of good luck wishes - I do hope you will soon have a definitive diagnosis and the relevant treatment to relieve you of your pain.

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