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Rheumatologist success?

My General Physician has referred me to the Rheumatologist again. I asked why since the Rheumatologist doesn't do anything different for me than he(GP). He said the Rheumatologist may have something else to help me. Anyone else have success with a Rheumatologist? I see paying 2 different doctors for the same thing needlessly!! Please let me know your thoughts/experiences!!

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Are you having any problems with the treatment which the GP feels a specialist could deal with better? If not, if your recovery is coming along, although perhaps slowly, it seems odd to refer you. PMR takes its time to leave and there's not much we can do to hurry it on its way except live as healthily as we can.


It is possible that your GP feels you may benefit from a DMARD to help reduce your steroid dose if your struggling to reduce. These meds can only be prescribed by hospital specialists. Hope this helps. I take one called Azathioprine for that reason, others take methotrexate.


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