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Adrenal Test

I am due to have a "short Synacthen" test on the 7th. July, I understand that it will just be an infusion then a blood test, and then I'm free to go, which will probably take about an hour? However by the 7th July I will be on 10mgs. of Pred, when I pointed this out to the Rheumatologist, he said the test can still be done, but don't take Pred on the morning of the test. I'm still a bit worried that 10 mgs of Pred will skewer the results ?

My question is has anyone had one of these tests whilst taking Pred,

Thanks bowler

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Hello bowler, I haven't experienced it but from what I've come across in the past, I believe the short synacthen test would only normally be considered for those patients having difficulty reducing BELOW doses of 7.5mg of Prednisolone - the higher doses will be suppressing the normal function of the adrenal glands anyway, therefore rendering the test result unreliable. Far be it for me to disagree with your rheumy though!


Hello Celtic

I was under the same impression as you, however I will go ahead with the test now I have an appointment date, which will probably be all a waste of time for everyone.

My Rheumy [ another different one ] wants me off of Pred in a year as he feels my headaches/flares are not GCA related anymore, a bit late in the day after taking Pred for 16 years at their prescribing, and not to mention some of the side effects they have given me.

He said to reduce by 1mg per month, which I'm finding difficult so only doing it at 1/2 mg at a time, therefore I will be on 10mgs on the test date. Blood test 2 weeks ago was ESR 19 CRP 9 so not too bad.

I had the same problem with the test for suspected Wengener's Granulmatosis I was on a higher dose of Pred, then and the tests came back negative, not that I want any of these diseases, but I still have symptoms and no answers/diagnoses, very frustrating.


bowler, the result will be interesting...even if we do have our suspicions of the likely result! Do let us know how it goes.

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