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Tips to relieve stress

Stress can cause irreparable damage to our health. From early aging to heart problems. Some people say that they perform better when under stress but that's the rare case. People make more mistakes when they are under stress.

1. Stress makes it difficult to control emotions, bring out diseases,affect love life even ruin your teeth as people tend to grind their teeth when under stress. Stress can physically damage heart muscles because stress can increase the production of hormones that increases the rate of heart beat.

Stress ca make us fat, look older and weaken our immune system. So it is very important that to tackle stress. Proper meditation, regular exercise, proper diet, talking to someone all helps in relieving stress. Oranges, spinach, fatty fish, black tea, pistachios, avocados, almonds, raw vegetables, milk all are stress busters.

Stress relief is more important among old people as they are more vulnerable to get affected. Tips For Helping Seniors Relieve Their Stress ( ) explains how to relieve stress among older people.

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Great infomation. Thank you.


Thank you for this. Had one incipient flare caused by a stressful piece of news and nipped in the bud with a higher pred dose. Since then make a point of avoiding stressful situations, including exposure to news that is likely to disturb me. Moments of stopping and taking a deep breath and deflecting my automatic "fight" reflex...admitting I must live life at a different pace...allowing others to do things I've always done (and not stressing when that leads to the things not being done at all)...not easy, but....


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