predisone gastritis

I have been getting very painful reaction from my prednisone. I am looking for the coated tablets and they do not sell them in the US or Canada. Does anyone know how I can obtain the coated tablets. I am still on 20 mg and will be taking this medicine for at least another 2 years for GCA and perhaps longer. I do take a PPI and a meal prior to taking the pred. Can't do too much more than that to coat my stomach. Thank you.

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  • You can get Rayos (called Lodotra in Europe) in the US. It is prednisone with a special modern coating!! They are in 1mg, 2mg and 5mg tablets. They will be more expensive than the uncoated variety so I am not sure if that will be a problem. I hope this helps.

  • They do not sell coated prednisone in the US or Canada. I can only buy it in England or Spain as far as I know.

  • Did you look up Rayos?

  • It is also possible to manage GCA with intramuscular steroid injections if you have severe gastro problems.

  • Pro can you expound on this a little. I'm not sure my Rheumatologist would know how often or how much. I have been kind of guiding my own reduction And diabetes treatment as well as all the other side effects with the help of this forum. Thank you.

  • My doctor refused to prescribe the coated tablets for me in UK despite stomach issues! i now buy empty enteric coated capsules on line in which I place each dose, whatever it is. I don't know if they would be available where you are though. Good luck.

  • Not really as I don't have that info available to me here - I'm at a conference!

    But any doctor should be able to access that sort of info - just be firm about needing a sensible response. The injections release slowly - it's fairly basic pharmaceutical facts.

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