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Expiry date of prednisolone

Just a quick query: does anyone know how accurate the expiry dates on prednisolone are?  Doing my weekly allocation I have just seen that the pack of 1mg I have been using expires at the end of April and, as I'm using only half tablets at the moment, this would last another four to five weeks. I do have other in date packs but don't want to waste these if they are still effective. Thanks. 

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Hi there, I have to say that I don't take by-dates wholly seriously, whatever it is.  I can't believe that something can be ok to take one day but 12 hours later they are bad for you or have 'gone off'.  Six months yes, I'd be wary, but not for a couple of weeks.

That has always been my view but I am sure that there are others at the opposite end of that view!


As far as meds go I would not take after exp date, yes they will not harm you or go off but when we depend on an exact strength I just wouldn't risk it. Prednisolone is so cheap I would not worry about waste. Another thing check meds when you get them and use oldest first, pharmacies should have a reasonable turn over as not to be giving out meds that will be out of date during the expected use time. Again that is my opinion


Thanks, polkadotcom. I tend to your view on most consumables ( Ihave been known to remove  mould from cheese before eating it without ill consequences) but on medication I think I've been influenced by my daughter who subscribes to the lessening of strength theory .

Hope you're well on the road to recovery now.


Have a foot in both camps on dates! Bit sceptical on dates on certain things, but in this case as you have plenty of tablets within date would be inclined to use those instead. Those with this month expiry will do you no harm, but as Nannie-C says maybe lost some of their effectiveness. Take back to pharmacy, not in the bin! 

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The pharmacist is the person to ask really I suppose but like polkadotcom I'd say that a month is nothing to worry about. I think the buffer is meant to be about 6 months and a lot has to do with the conditions in which they were stored. Tablets will go off faster in a hot or humid place - so don't keep them in the bathroom if that is where you shower for example.

And like Nannie-C, I don't think I would worry about the just about a quid involved in chucking the pack - back to the pharmacy, not down the loo (I know, they used to say that) or in the bin!

I have to say that living somewhere where we are told to cut tablets I'm a bit sceptical about the accuracy of a dose anyway - and you are also cutting these. If you feel really guilty - if you are on more than 1/2mg altogether then use up the 1mg tablets for that.


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