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Just been reading the posts about the difficulties in finding a good Rheumy. I saw mine today for the second time since diagnosis, last October. I can't praise her enough, last year when I shuffled in to see her, she just looked at the state I was in and said PMR. My GP had been telling me during the previous four months of agony and tears, that the blood test wasn't showing anything, so it couldn't be pmr. She started me on Pred. And Within  24 hours I felt almost normal. I have developed some new symptoms during the past few weeks, shaking, sweating, tiredness, and finger pains. Possibly due to Thyroid, and Osteoarthritis in hands. She noted down everything I told her, and promptly sent me off to the relevant departments to have blood tests and X-rays on my hands and feet, I live in Cumbria and the hospital is only a 15 minute drive away. I feel really Blessed when I read some of the unsympathetic experiences of others. It is bad enough coping with the minefield that is pmr without having to fight some of the medical profession just to get the right diagnosis and treatment. Best Wishes to All.

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Hello Pebble-Sue55.  I couldn't agree more: there seems to be a vast amount of ignorance / mis-information out there on the part of both GPs and even some Rheumatologists (?!) about how to correctly and effectively diagnose and treat PMR (and the far more serious condition of GCA).

As you say, it's a minefield: but at least this forum keeps people connected.



Thank you Markbenjamin

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You lucky thing - hope she stays! 

It is nice to know things are improving in Cumbria as one lady I know of had to traipse over to Newcastle to get listened to. Which isn't really that far when you live in somewhere that rural but it certainly takes more than 15min! It took me 15 min to get to the clinic in our local hospital - only a 5 min walk from our door to the hospital entrance!


Pebble-Sue, lucky you!  It's wonderful to hear a good news story such as this - I'm sure there are plenty of good rheumies and GPs around so it's helpful to spread the word when we find one.  Especially good news for anyone 'looking in' from Cumbria who happens to be looking for a good rheumy.  


I realise I have found a real gem, and I will never take her for granted. I do hope she never moves away lol.

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Well done!   Sadly not all of us have had the same experience.   I started by going to a qualified physiotherapist who told me that the intense pain in my shoulders was caused by a 'bruised nerve'.   I believed her -- after all, she was a professional.

Four months, and many expensive appointments later, by which time I could hardly move my arms or walk, the physio agreed with me when I said that we weren't getting anywhere.   I visited my GP who sent me for cortisone injections.   They worked for about one day.   Then the GP sent me for Xrays.   It all took forever.   Still no relief.   

Eventually, a friend mentioned that an acquaintance had had something similar.   Several phone calls later, I heard the word 'polymyalgia' for the first time.   I went back to my GP and told him that I thought I had something called polymyalgia.   He raised his eyebrows and consulted his computer.   He then sent me for blood tests.   Diagnosis at last.

That whole exercise lasted for 7 months.   7 months of increasing pain, interrupted sleep and deep depression.    With hindsight, I should have made more of a fuss, but I simply didn't have the energy.

I can only say Thank Heaven I now know what my condition is called, what I need to do for it and Thank Heaven also for Healthunlocked who help us to share useful information.    




I agree, I have been educated through Health Unlocked and by reading Kate Gilbert's  book, This time last year, I had never heard of  polymyalgia.


I had a fab Rheumy too - not sure how that happened - think someone 'upstairs' was looking out for me!!  I even had a great GP too.  Good to know there are others out there to counteract all the awful experiences we see on the forum.  If anyone else out there has had good treatment do post - it's such a spirit-raiser.

And fingers crossed that this Rheumy is around for all of your treatment Pebble-Sue.

Have to say I sent both my 'medics' a big bunch of flowers each to say thank you.  I think they were delighted to have them, as they probably don't get much in the way of thanks and probably hear more about the bad things.......


That must have been so comforting for you Green Girl, to have support from both of them, I am not so fortunate with my GP who has shown her disapproval,of Pred. from the first time I consulted her with my symptoms. I get the impression her agenda is to get me off the steroids as quickly as possible, it feels like a battle of wills sometimes. 


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