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Hi! Just bn to see gp re jaw pain and headaches although typically the jaw pain has settled this last week. ( It has taken me over 2 weeks to see my own gp) He said my crp and esr were totally normal and that the pain is not due to the pmr. He thinks temporal mandibular problem as jaw cracks and its painful when pressed in certain areas. Whilst there I asked regarding results of latest dexa scan done in feb. The first baseline one done last jan was normal. This one said 6 per cent decease in spine but hip ok. The question is..... is this anything to worry about as such and is it likely to get worse now there has been a start in the decline. I am due another dexa next feb now as the radiogragher has advised careful monitoring. Thank you .

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pmrdec, if your GP says he "thinks" temporal mandibular problem is causing your pain, if it were me I would be inclined to ask for referral to a rheumatologist for his/her opinion/confirmation.

With regard to the 6% decrease in bone density in your spine, we are unable to answer your question as to whether this will get worse or not. Did the GP tell you what the T-score is? My spine is just into the osteopenia range but stable and not needing treatment - probably a natural ageing process in my case or even connected to my spinal injury. If they have suggested monitoring you via a repeat DEXA in 12 months time but haven't suggested treatment, then perhaps you do not need to feel concerned at this stage. However, do keep up with the calcium + Vit D supplement and daily walking or other weight bearing exercise such as Tai Chi, Nordic walking, etc......and plenty of oily fish!


Not a lot to add to Celtic's post - if they are monitoring you that is by far the best way to go about it. They obviously aren't in panic mode at present.


Hi Tray

Are you taking Aledronic Acid? I was taking it for 5 months. Diagnosed PMR December 2014. I have never had dental problems only minus 1 molar from a toothache at the age of 16. In those days there was a Saturday morning emergency dentist who just pulled it out! So I braved up went to my dentist in May, who did an X-ray found I needed root canal treatment. Not happy that I was taking AA and not having had a DEXA BONE SCAN. Advised me to stop taking it! Which I have. Ensuing dental work done (that was a horrid trial that I will not elaborate on). I had horrendous pain for weeks following, eyes, ears, neck, cheek bones, head aches. I went to GP who advised: eye test, jaw X-ray, DEXA SCAN that I had to beg for and only just got!

Eventually referred to the hospital dental Maxilla unit Surgeon where I got diagnosed with "evidence of grinding my teeth at night". Got measured up with a gum type shield to wear at night! Things have settled down now thank goodness! Took months!

I thought I would relate this tale to you PMR rears its head in various guises and I am convinced this was related even it was down to the medication prescribed for the PMR programme.

This forum has kept me sane and thank you to everyone for their invaluable advice. There are times I have felt a hypochondriac! That's me a retired District Nurse and had never heard of PMR until December 2014! I now have Kate Gilbert's book and try to keep ahead of this wretched condition. Now on 9mgs to 8.5mgs on the dead slow method and taking it in the very early hours of the morning with a small bottle of yogurt!


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