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PMR & Alcohol

About 3 or 4 months ago I was put on leflunomide to try and help with the steroid reduction. As recommended I did not drink any alcohol whilst taking leflunomide. Unfortunately I had a bad reaction to gage leflunomide so had to stop taking it. My rheumy wants me to try again but at at a lower dose (10mg/day instead of 20mg/day) which I'm happy to go along with. So last night I thought I would have a drink before starting the new regime next week. Two pints of beer and a large glass of port resulted in an awful nights sleep with hips and shoulders playing up, like a flare! Lesson learnt? I hope so, I mean I like a drink like most people but if the results are poor sleep and increased discomfort well perhaps it's just as well I'm going back on the leflunomide!

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Griggser, alcohol can place stress on the adrenal glands which are already being suppressed by Prednisolone, so a double whammy especially if you over-indulge on the alcohol. And I would have thought that after abstaining for several months, then two pints of beer and a large glass of port may just have been going a bit overboard!

I hope you fare better on returning to a lower dose of Leflunomide......and I wish you a better night's sleep tonight.

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Hi Griggster,

Think it might the combination! It would certainly do for me. Never could drink port, even a small one, let alone on top of beer. Or it could be that after a few months your body can't process what it used to.

I don't drink very often any more, but find that wine doesn't seem to have any adverse effects. If wine's not your thing, then just stick to beer when and if you try again.

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Oh dear!

But as the others say - after being on the wagon for a few months it will bite back if you drink a bit much! Two beers and a large port does seem rather a lot to me ;-) But I can't "do" beer - or mix my drinks...

Good luck!


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