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Optic Neuritis

I had my MRI report back yesterday. Apparently the MRI shows a "Subtle enhancement of the left interorbital optic nerve but without thickening is nonspecific and may reflect an optic neuritis".

Relevant eye symptoms include; pain in eye when moving, blurred vision, double vision, dry gritty eyes. These are in top of all my other (GCA?) symptoms.

According to the young (NHS) doctor the MRI results and vision symptoms were "nothing to worry about and to see an optician for glasses". He could not explain the eye pain, dry eyes or double vision. Even though mM eyes were perfect 6 weeks ago!!

I was asked to leave and have further blood tests (including antibodies) but basically he could not wait to get rid of me and have one less name on his list.

Luckily I have now arranged for a private consultation for Monday.

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Nothing much I can add to my reply to your private message other than to send you lots of good luck wishes for your private consultation on Monday.

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i was diagnosed with the start of macular degeneration in my left eye also . the double visio, the eye pain as i wake -up it didn't bother me too much back then, but since having a cat -scan, my eyes have gotten much worse. the dbl. vision is back and it gets me off balance also, so i keep hitting the walls. which is getting annoying. he said to wait until it waves back. which i didn't understand. i kind of felt that i was getting written off too. i should have delved more into it, but didn't. said nothing about blood tests. so i'm still not knowing where i'm going with this . it seemed like it was getting better, but now it isn't .


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