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GCA 3years


Hi I started GCA Nov 2012'. Started on 60mgs I am now down to just 1. o as told how important it was decrease really slowly, I hav been fine all th way through, apart from horrible bruising if i knocked myself or even had a bag on my arm,

I hav been on 1 now for 4 weeks Dr tells me I will be off in a couple of weeks, but this one, is my comfort blanket, ad I am scared it will return??

But I suggest you do cut down slowly.

Good luck' they say GCA does burn out after about 2 years (whoever they are)ll

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"they say GCA does burn out after about 2 years"

I know a few people who have been through GCA in about 2 years - but they are very much "the few" on the 3 forums I'm a member of! I also know a few (more than the 2-year-GCA) who have been down to such low doses and their doctor told them they might as well stop - and they flared within a couple of months. If it were me, I'd like to hang on at 1mg! It's such a low dose after all.

Did you mean to post this as a reply to someone? Or is it your advice - a very true observation.

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