Taking Pred but I have upset stomach

I am on 13mg Pred and my body seems to be adjusting to the dose.

I ate too much rich food yesterday and have diarhorrea but not sickness. It may a sick bug I just don't know.

I just took my Pred at 7.30am but I am worried that it will not be absorbed and I may suffer pain and Pred withdrawal symptoms. Has anyone any experience with this or should I not worry and just take Pred at normal time tomorrow.

Thank you

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  • This has happened to me a few times, I just take the next days dose as usual and don't worry too much about a possible missed one.

    Even if the dose isn't absorbed (which is unlikely) in 24 hours you won't get any alarming symptoms except for perhaps a little more pain than usual.

  • Thank you your reply has helped me not to panic

  • As long as your pred is in your stomach for an hour it should have been absorbed - so if it is only diarrhoea you shouldn't have to worry. If you were being sick the same applies though - as long as you don't vomit inside an hour or so the pred will have been absorbed.

    Are you on any other medications? Such as omeprazole or another PPI?

  • Thank you your reply has put my mind at rest' I dont take anything else at the moment

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