Still feeling good at nearly 7. Hopeful. The worst discomfort I have, and it doesn't seem to be getting better or worse, is with my right hip, sometimes painful when I walk, sometimes when I lie or sit, but not always. And what I think must be an associated pain in my lower right leg, down the front, not in the calf muscle. I do not know what this can be. More noticeable when seated. The veins in this leg more prominent than in the other, and getting worse - I think they are trying to match the horrid veins that are disfiguring my hands, feet and arms. :(

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  • Have you told your GP about these symptoms? They may not be associated with PMR at all. A scan or x-ray could show up skeletal issues like osteo-arthritis.

  • A fairly recent x-ray showed my hips were free of OA. I never noticed the large veins before taking pred. I think the pain in the hip is sciatica, but I don't know if that also explains the pain in the lower leg. I could ask my physiotherapist. I agree it is nothing to do with the PMR, although it was great the first month when I was at my highest dose of pred and all these other pains also went away.

  • When I have sciatica the pain goes down my leg to my ankle. Can't say I noticed any difference in the veins. Physio helped me - hope it helps you.

  • Peanuckle, where in your lower leg does the pain travel - the calf or the shin? I don't think I'd mind so much, but somehow this constant aggravating pain makes me feel more tired, and I've been feeling more fatigued just lately anyway - I guess that is common when you hit around 7 mg pred, which I have. At least the PMR doesn't seem to have changed, for either better or worse.

  • Pain travels down shin to ankle. Hope you get relief soon.

  • Beginning to think it's at least partly caused by tense muscles somewhere. Going to see if trying to release the tension helps. Wondering about this because it can be really aggravating for a while and then suddenly it is gone, for no apparent reason, which I don't think it would be if it were chronic inflammation or an injury.

  • Just thought I should check in with progress. I successfully tapered from 8 to 7 by eliding from 8 to 7.5 and halfway through changing from 7.5 to 7. I delayed reducing to 6.5 because of the inevitable pre-Christmas stress, although I did avoid a lot of what I'd done in past years. Now am starting the reduction to 6.5 and may try a similar little cheat in the middle, to see how it goes. I do not notice any difference in how I feel between the days of higher and lower doses, or if anything I feel better at the end of the lower dose day, and the long taper afforded by Dead Slow is really excellent! I returned for a light therapy treatment this morning, after a break of three weeks over the holidays. The physiotherapist seems to think that as I kept so well over the holiday we'll try just one session instead of two each week, and she is also now giving me some treatment and exercises to help with the osteoarthritis that afflicted my spine, especially my neck, in the past. I also have got into the habit of drinking a cup of tea made with fresh ginger nearly every evening, have virtually given up refined carbs, and eat so healthy I think my friends are starting to hate me.

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