Adrenal gland function

I came across this website which I thought was very interesting. I liked the questionnaire section and the results it gave as well as the explanations on corticosteroids and thought it worth sharing.

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  • It would help if I pasted the website in.

    My excuse is the foggy brain! 😄😄😀

  • Yes it is quite a good explanation but I'm a bit allergic to the site name - there isn't really such thing as "adrenal fatigue" the way some of these sites go on about it. There are various reasons for your adrenals not working properly but most of them cannot be dealt with by the sort of programme they are selling - and this is one of them! I'm sure it will help his bank balance, I'm far less sure it will help your adrenal function!

  • Interesting. I'm a bit concerned that mine aren't working as well as they should be. Now reducing from 3mg to 2.5mg slowly and still feeling quite tired at times. Had blood tests this morning to rule out others causes, so we shall see - hopefully!

    Know what you mean about brain fog!

  • While they were doing the blood tests they could have done a synacthen test and got a direct answer about your adrenal glands!

    I'd started heading for 3mg - I wasn't too bad at 4mg, but by 3.5mg I was knackered. So after discussion with the GP I'm back at 5mg - and I feel MUCH better. I'm working on her doing a synacthen test - I got the principle through to her which was a start (she just wanted to do a straight cortisol level which is useless) but the last time I was there the IT system didn't want to play - and anyway there was a bloke outside cutting a hole in the wall with a drill. You couldn't hear yourself think!

  • I did wonder that. Not sure if our surgery could cope, it's only a small village with one HA doing the bloods etc! Shall ask for one if today's don't shed any light on things.

  • I have been off pred since April this year and still struggling with fatigue, I paid for a 24hr saliva test two readings came back as being high took print out to Drs all I got was Erm yes we will put it on your file end off. from information taken from one of the forums i am led to believe that it can take 12months or more for the Adrenals to fire up again. I am going with that, just try to eat sensible etc. I have given up on Drs & co. in my case life could be a lot lot worse so i tend to plod on with my life. Best wishes to one and all. just to add as PMRpro says do not mention adrenal fatigue to Drs it is a no no with them.

  • There is a website written by a Dr who mainly deals with CFS/ME. The site is a mine of info on adrenal function and more. It's worth a look at.

    She is a bit controversial amongst the medical profession as she speaks her mind about them and the pharmaceuticals.

  • HI HMP,

    Well, yes, there is quite a lot of information there on adrenal function and the car/body analogy is interesting. However I would be cautious about taking too much information from this website as it is heavily geared towards CFS and ME. Dr Myhill was actually suspended for a time by the BMA but was later reinstated. What a busy website too - so many words. Also, she appears to be making a lot of money selling supplements. There may be plenty of information on the website but always have a certain scepticism about 'scientists' who are not linked to a formal university.

  • Interesting. I have had a read of the website to understand more about the adrenals. Thanks.

  • Oh definitely, Sarah Myhill does specialise in CFS/ME, I find overall the findings of her research and principles applicable to many different illnesses. Her holisitc view to healing is something I find lacking in other medical circles. I certainly wouldn't advocate anyone with PMR/GCA start to treat themselves via her website or pay to have tests, but for general knowledge of how the body works, or doesn't as the case may be, I refer to her findings quite often. Yes, she was suspended. For doing in my opinion, what other doctors should be doing and that's thinking outside the box. It took me 11 months to get my CFS diagnosed husband an appointment to see her because she was so busy with NHS referrals from GP's. After 12 years of dismissal by our regular doctors/consultant she got him sorted. It wasn't easy, yes it cost us money for blood tests, we never bought one supplement as we couldn't afford them, but she pointed us in the right direction to purchase "as like" at high street prices and we just followed her ethos on diet. Now after 17 months of following her advise, he has his health and life back to the point where he can work again.

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