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Is this a GCA flare?


I was diagnosed GCA by a positive biopsy in July 13 and have been tapering from 60mg to 4mg. I have not had a flare in this time apart from a short lived reaction when I have reduced my dose. I cut down to 4mg from 5mg recently and have now got a painful left eye and headaches. I was fine on 5mg have been on that dose since May but hadn't tried to reduce because my husband was ill. Can I try increasing my dose back up to 5mg? I am desperate not to go back up to a high dose after all this time I had a really bad reaction to the high doses at the start of my treatment.

Many thanks

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The sooner you try 5mg the less likely you are to have to go really high. Most doctors suggest adding 5mg to the dose when there is a flare. 5mg is a VERY low dose, especially since you have got there in just over 2 years with no flares, so don't worry about that. But don't let it get away from you. If it doesn't settle on 5mg go straight back to the GP if you can't contact your rheumatologist.


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