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Zoledronic Acid 2

The info I had from the Rheumy nurse last week warned of a rare compllication of the ZA treatment (osteonecrosis of the jaw) and told me to see my dentist before starting the infusions. It's good to find people as well informed as my lovely young dentist who knew all about it, did a thorough check, found a loose filling and did two x-rays. An appointment has been made to sort out the filling. If only I wasn't old enough to be my dentist's granny....

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Yes isn't it nice to find somebody who doesn't look at you askance when you say you've got PMR or GCA, and is up to speed with what needs to be done!

Enjoy your trip to dentist - not often one can say that!


Your guardian angel was definitely looking out for you through the nurse and your dentist! There are other ways to deal with bone issues besides the dangerous drugs but unfortunately our doctors aren't as well informed as we would like them to be.


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