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Correct dosage

Hi, I've been tapering and am on 10mg at present. I picked up my new prescription and the pharmacy has given me 1mg tablets instead of 5mg, which meant last night I took a dose of 6mg instead of my normal 10mg. So not happy with the pharmacist and will definitely going in tomorrow to tear him off a strip. I will most certainly be checking my scripts in future. I've taken myself off to bed early with aching shoulders. Thanks 😤

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Hi Angex05

That's a big difference

I would have taken the 10 in 1 and explained why to the pharmacist

Its always handy to have 1s. I keep a supply of 1,2.5.and 5s so I can decrease or increase as required.

I sympathize with how you must be feeling this morning .

Best Wishes Rose

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Easy thing to do, especially when the boxes are the same colour, with just a tiny 5 or 1 in the corner! If the experts can get it wrong, what hope us there for us mere mortals!

Mind, I'll wager you won't do it again! Take care.


The one mg tablets will come in useful! You could have taken the extra as soon as you realised - if they are ordinary tablets they'd only take a couple of hours to work. Or are you on Rayos if you take them at night?


Hi, I didn't notice until the following evening so too late to take extra. I'm on Prednisolone tablets and with trial and error I find they work best for me if I take them at midnight.


My only other post was when, to my delight, I discovered that my new 5mg tablets were brown. Several people pointed out that these were gastro-resistant; no matter, they are far easier NOT to confuse with the 1mg. About the same time my Atenolol (heart) which had always been small and orange became largish and white and look exactly like my Glicazide (diabetes). It would make life much easier for us with good vision let alone those with failing eyesight if the manufacturers could all agree to make their version of Wonderpill in the same shape and colour.


Quite agree, my late husband was on a myriad on tablets, many very similar in size etc, so a nightmare if he lost track when he was getting them ready to take. Also, when got used to them, and the pharmacy changed suppliers he get even more confused. But then, nobody ever said life was easy!


Enteric coated 5mg are red, 2.5mg are brown - but yes, different colours do make life simpler! Especially when some of the tablets are all the same size - different colour or size, one or t'other!


And it doesn't help when you and I can't agree what is red and what is brown!


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