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GCA /0pred

Looking for advice from a fellow GCA suffer who has made it to 0 pred. It's nearly 6weeks since I got to 0 . When my GCA headache came on it was recognised in hours and put on 40mg pred ,now iam starting to get feeling I had in the 9-12 months before ,glasses marking nose,wooden board feeling side of head,vision feeling strange having eye test on Monday . What I'm trying to work out is this the start of GCA again had enough of doctors need a break

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It does seem like a return of GCA, but I wonder if you could have your sinuses checked? It might be worthwhile seeing your GP on that basis. I think you do really need to see someone sooner rather than later if you are having visual problems - that does need attention fast.


Have taken on board about vision just call and appointment for eye test changed for tomorrow


I agree with polkadotcom. Better to be safe and get it checked. Maybe ask for bloods to be done? Check CRP? I know that is not always an exact marker, but you will know what your CRP was when GCA active and also when in remission. and if headpains return get help quickly.

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Agree with the others, having been through the full GCA-sight loss in 1 eye, now club Zero for a year. No problems with sight in the remaining eye, just what I call post-steroid effects like shoulder pain, listlessness. Please get the visuals checked out and let us know if it is return of GCA which we all fear. Good luck.


Will know by this afternoon about eyes ,hoping if this is a GCA flair a small amount of pred will control it don't know what Iam dealing with have to get as much info from here as I can


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