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28 days pred free ,very strange time 5days after last dose started to get pain in leg muscles as day went on by 7pm trouble standing and walking also very cold,day 7 back to GP after giving me a full going over and to quote Tony Hancock taken a arm full of blood . Outcome thyroid levels had taken a massive drop got that shorted feeling good energy getting better mood lifted ,plantar fasciitis improving daily . All I have to do now is build strength and get back to normal mind you what is normal, this condition has changed my outlook on a lot of things.I have had 3 life changing events in my life don't want any more want a quite life !!!!!!

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  • Well done - long may it last!

  • I hope you continue to improve, (and that I do too! lol)

  • I am down to 3 mil right now after two years on pred & was wondering when the feeling much better part begins. I agree, my definition of normal has changed, but was hoping for more energy.

  • The experts on here will know a lot more about this, but my understanding is that at the low levels your adrenal glands are learning how to make their hormones again and as that takes time you may well feel more fatigued than you would like. I've heard it can take a year to get back to normal. But just think, today you are one day closer to that mark than you were yesterday. :)

  • Thanks, I forgot all about the adrenal glands needing to kick back into play.

  • For me the big lift came from not taking the pred every day my family have told me they could see the change even with the thyroid playing up

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