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Feeling better

Hi, saw my Rheumy on Saturday and blood tests all came back as normal. He's working on treating my symptoms so thats good. Told him all the aches and pains were coming back on the 10 and 5 the next day treatment and he agreed that its too quick. Listened to me and said that drop down to 9 for a few weeks and see how it goes. Basically leaving it to myself to decide how good or bad I feel. Back to see him in December. Already feel a lot better at 9mg and as I am off to Australia in a couple of weeks to see my children and will take plenty of tablets with me!! Anyway, it seems under control and I will try not to overdo things! Told him about this website and he was very impressed. Thanks again for all the super info here. PS told my holiday insurance people about this and my annual premium went up about £25, which I didn't think was too bad.

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If you are off to Oz then I suggest you don't try reducing at all while travelling and be ready to pop back to 10mg at the drop of a hat! Travel is a massive strain - especially when you are tearing around airports and you are faced with a 12 hour time shift. Think hard about how you deal with that - I took an extra dose to cope with the travel but then still took my tablets in the morning as usual because otherwise it messes up your body clock even more than it is messed up anyway with travel!


Hi gogirl1,

went to NZ last Xmas, On outward journey stopped in Singapore overnight, but return journey just usual change of planes. Tried to get myself on the timescale for destinations, so outward journey ended up taking an extra dose, but return just stuck with usual morning doses (allowing for time changes). I managed to sleep well on both legs of both journeys which worked out well. As PMRPro says don't try and reduce just before journey, or whilst you're in Australia, or even for a couple of weeks after you get back. I was in NZ for 6 weeks and stayed at 6mg all that time - had absolutely no problem - but I did ensure I had extra, just in case.

Don't know what route you are going, but there is a lot of walking at Heathrow & Singapore, so might be worth asking for assistance. It's really worth it, and makes life so much easier.

Enjoy your trip, really envy you, trouble is have a daughter in NZ and a son in UK so have to split my Christmases!


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