First Visit with new GP

Had a really good first visit with my new Primary Care. Went over everything with a fine tooth comb. Having blood work done Monday and a thoracic x-ray to see where things are at now that I'm not in the hospital. She said between being ill and the stress of hospital can throw numbers off.

Great discussion about the past 5 years of health in particular, and some history from before then.

Bottom line, definitely inflammatory something, she's really not thinking any type of cancer, is thinking possibly multiple sclerosis which would explain a multitude of weirdness.

So, on with the battle!

3 Replies

  • Oh I do hope you are finally going to get some answers. Hug.

  • She sounds like a find...

  • Doing some reading on MS and actually feels more like what I've been going thru. So, patience, testing and we'll see.

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