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Hi everyone, thought I had posted this a few days ago, but it didn't seem to have appeared so will have another try. I was diagnosed in September last year, am down to 10mg of pred after the advice on this forum and have been since February when I last saw my GP and have just started the reduction slow one....just wanted to know what your thoughts are on asking my GP for Daxi scan (if that's what it's called )when I visit my GP next week. Compared to other folks on this forum I have been really rather well, apart from a bad shoulder in February , off work for 5 weeks but after 2 sessions of ultrasound with a private physio, I have been OK,.

Thanks for your help

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  • I should definitely ask for a Dexascan. I asked my GP and she arranged one immediately. It is recommended you should have one if you have PMR. Also are you taking vit D and calcium supplements?

  • Hi Piglette

    From day one I have been taking Omeprazole. Ad all and Alendronic acid, along with the predict, over a year now, although I have recently been worried about AA having read several thing on this site, so haven't bothered for a couple of weeks, also vying problems with my teethe so haven't taken the ad al for a week or so......getting a scared about taking my life in my hands, and teeth, off to the dentist tomorrow again..... Will ask for a scan from my not very interested GP. Thanks

  • Personally I would think twice before taking Alendronic Acid. I think I would want a Dexascan first at least and a good reason why I should take it. Did you tell the dentist you are taking AA. They will want to know.

    Can you phone up your doctor and ask about a Dexascan? I did that and my GP arranged for the bit of paper for me to fill in and sign to be left at reception.

    I take coated pred which means I should not get stomach problems as the tablets have reached the gut before being absorbed and so I do not need Omeprazole.

  • Thanks for that piglette , yes I have become a bit more concerned about taking so much medication, and yes I will ring the doc and ask for a scan. I have told my dentist about all my meds and lovely him gave me some special toothpaste to use, he seems quite concerned about my teeth thank goodness, I haven't been given coated pred , however on one prescription they did give me them and they are easier to take, should I ask for them? no doubt they are more expensive !

  • I am not sure coated and uncoated vary that much in price and both are pretty cheap compared to a lot of other drugs that are often thrown away by patients. Also if you don't need Omeprazole they save on that anyway. They may even be able to save on AA if your Dexascan looks good.

  • Daisy, in an ideal world we would all be having DEXA scans at diagnosis, or within at least a few months of starting steroids......without needing to ask for one! I was refused a DEXA at the outset, with a one year waiting list given as the reason! Because like most of us, I'd never had a previous scan, I wanted to have a baseline reading so that I could see what was happening further down the line on steroids, so I arranged a private scan.

    So do request a DEXA scan, and, as piglette has brought up the question of a Vit D/Calcium supplement, if you haven't had a Vit D blood test, do ask for one of those as well. If you are deficient, you will need a 3-month course of high dose Vit D3 (Colecalciferol) to return levels to normal. Supplements such as Calcichew will not be sufficient to return levels to normal but can be taken to maintain levels after the high dose course.

  • Hi Celtic, I am contemplating getting a DXA scan done privately. Could you tell me how much yours cost. I find the price varies wildly and the Osteoporosis helpline said this could be due to the fact that a scan can be just of your wrist, for example. Thanks.

  • paddyfields, my private DEXA was some 9 years ago and I'm sorry I can't remember the exact cost, but somewhere in the region of £60-70 rings bells. As you say, the charge varies across the country, and is exorbitant at the private hospitals such as BUPA, so best to avoid those! I don't know whereabouts you are but, if anywhere near, Southampton General is quoting just £55.

  • Thank you Celtic , I'll try my local Northants. hospitals and see whether they do private DXA scans. I've only found private hospitals so far.

  • I've done a bit of phoning around and the morea of this story seems to be not to live in Northants or the surrounding areas as £100 plus seems to be the norm.

  • You can have a trip to Southampton for about the same price then! Beautiful area!

    You are entitled to one as being at risk of osteoporosis because of the pred. Be firm with your GP.

    If it is a DEXASCAN it will be a proper scan - the heel or wrist things are a waste of space.

  • Thanks Prm pro, thought you lived in Italy ?

  • I do - but I'm from the UK and lived there most of my life.

  • Do you better living in the sun Then?

  • The weather is better than the UK most of the time - but I live halfway up a mountain in a ski resort so it isn't as warm as you'd think! This summer was a bit roasty toasty during July (well over 30C every day for about 5 weeks) but I was in China and the UK so missed it all ;-)

  • Lucky you, thanks as always for your Good advice that you give to everyone so grateful

  • Thanks Celtic will write all these things down when I visit my GP

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