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Yesterday morning I was enjoying my usual walk along a trail that runs beside the harbour, when a woman coming in the other direction stopped and said I looked healthy. I laughed and said I wasn't, it was all due to medication. She replied, saying as she had approached me she had "seen sickness" but as she got closer she thought, no I was all right! I thanked her, said I did what I could, and we went on our respective ways. I wish I had asked her how she knew. When I walk along that particular stretch I feel the air is particularly fresh and have got into the habit of "breathing in health" and "breathing out toxins"!

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  • Hopefully you'll run into her again and find out what she "saw".

  • Some alternative practitioners say they can see or feel and "aura" around sick people.

  • She may be a clairvoyant, and have the ability to see, feel and experience that which is beyond what most of us think of as normal sensations. My paternal grandmother was one such person.

    All humans have the ability to develope what is called the 'sixth sense' , but it is not encouraged for obvious reasons - many would use it for profit.

    Many clairvoyants practice 'healing'.


  • Yes,I wish I had talked with her longer....

  • Dwell on that thought - you may!


  • She just may have been an incredibly perceptive soul.

    Interestingly enough I never leave home without my makeup on, hair done and looking the best I can be despite how badly I might be feeling.

    I am told "you look well" by well meaning folk, especially those in the medical profession.

    I don't bother explaining myself away to the well meaning folk other than mentioning that I never leave home without being "completely dressed".

    I will still present to the world as though my glass is half full, rather than half empty, despite my continued quiet on-going battle which I have decided is not going to shape my life.

    I hope you bump into this intuitive lady again.


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