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I had a telephone appointment with my GP today who had recieved a letter from my endo suggesting he thinks i have PMR. I have an appointent to see my GP next week and she is going to start me on steroids. She said there is alot to go though in the appointment...not sure what that is. I think she said i would be taking 4 tiny tablets a day but i could be mistaken as to what she said.

The thought of taking steroids does scare me .


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  • 'Four tiny tablets' could mean 20mg of pred which is quite a common starting dose - it's what I had and it made me feel a million dollars!

  • Part of me is quite upbeat that i might feel better than i do now. Even when the pain is not too bad my walking is still terrible like im carrying a heavy weight around and dont move freely.

    I will let you know how i get along.

    Thanks Christine

  • Yes, my starting dose was 20mg - 5mg tabs x 4. I went from being unable to walk across my kitchen (a large one) to down on the floor scrubbing it in just a few hours.

    Nothing in life is perfect and of course Pred comes with it's own problems, but at the time it seemed like a miracle.

  • Miracles i like..hope i feels good soon.

    Thanks Christine

  • Hi, yes the thought of steroids is scary, but if you really do have PMR then they are the only thing that is going to control it. A few days on the tablets will confirm if you have PMR, your pain will decrease considerably. However, that's not to say you will have a miracle cure, and you will probably suffer from some side effects. But not taking steroids is not an option I'm afraid. Sorry!

  • I guess everything can have side effects and like you say if its PMR then i need them. If i dont respond well to them i take it its not PMR.

    Iv just had a letter from the endo who susspected PMR and i had raised Iga, im not sure of the significance if any with PMR or any other condition.

    Thanks Christine

  • Your endo obviously thought your symptoms were consistent with PMR, so hopefully the steroids will clarify it one way or the other. Unfortunately

    I was undiagnosed for 18 months, so probably not the best to give advice. By that time I had definitely progressed to GCA. Not sure whether I had PMR to start with or went straight into GCA. Nobody has ever confirmed either way. Whatever, I certainly had aching shoulders and extreme fatigue as you describe before I started Pred.

    Please lotus know how you progress.

  • As everyone says if it is PMR when you take the steroids it is like a miracle, I still think back and cannot believe it happened. I was on 20mg starting dose coated 5mg tablets. In my case I don't think I could have waited another week I was in such agony. It sounds like your GP might give you some advice if she thinks there is a lot to go through which sounds good news. I was told nothing. Just take the tablets and you will be running marathons next week. Ho ho ho.

  • Now don't you be encouraging people to do marathons! The line is PACING and RESTING!!!! ;-)

  • Love it, our dreams, hey!

  • Follow this link and read up on it all. Knowledge is power.

    BSR Guidelines on the Diagnosis and Treatment of PMR.

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