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bowens therapy

I went for my first bowens thereapy on wed morn, with knee. buttock. hip. spine pain. first thing on a morning. could hardly get out of bed with hip pain. 1.5 days later hardly any pain at all. got out of

bed ok, if this continues its the best thing ever, and I just cannot get it into my head how this treatment works, with such light touching amazing, I go for my upper body treatment next wed.

got the infoe from another forum, its definitely worth the money. I went to kim holmes in leeds

go for it girls

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I know what you mean and one friend calls our Bowen therapist a witch. But we didn't care - she sorted out pain that had my friend stuck in bed for 6 weeks, just able to get to the loo next door, in the first session.

Yes you do often feel worse the next day as the muscles get used to being where they should be. Drinking lots of water after the session and walking gently in the fresh air do both help.

And I push Bowen therapy on this forum too - thanks for backing up my claims ;-)


I haven't experienced Bowen therapy personally (had never heard of it when I was struggling through PMR and GCA), but two members of our Surrey group are giving it a try at the moment. One member has had several sessions and found that it did resolve his sciatic pain very quickly but says that he didn't feel any improvement in his actual PMR pain; the other member has had a couple of sessions so far and says she felt better after each one, reporting a particular feeling of calmness after the first one.

As we know, there isn't anything out there to cure PMR at the moment, but if Bowen even reduces some of the knock-on problems that can arise from PMR/GCA/steroids, then it sounds worth a shot.

As we know, the manual techniques of physiotherapy can be too harsh for those suffering from PMR, and is not really recommended, particularly in the early stages, but the gentle technique involved in Bowen could just 'fill the gap'.

I have organised a talk and demonstration by a teacher in Bowen Technique at our next Surrey meeting, so will try and remember to report back.

Meanwhile, Polly, long may it continue to prove so successful for you - great news.


hopefully it will I never heard of it either till pmr hit me, but it is defo worth a try,


Hi Celtic. I belong to the London group and I'm very interested in the Bowen

Technique. Would It be possible for me to come to your talk. I do actually live in East Surrey but it's easier to get the train to London than battle the M25.

Many thanks



Hi Jan, of course, everyone is welcome, and you don't have to live in Surrey! Perhaps you could kindly send me a personal message with your full name and contact details just in case there are any last minute hitches, and also so that I can include you on the register for the day.


I feel so good after one session cannot wait till next Wednesday for upper body, As I have had to up my pred in the last 8 days from 2 to 5 mg, I just thought I would give it a go. hoping it holds the pmr back now I am on 5 mg, the one thing that amazes me is how it works, with such soft touches. just a question how long do I have to drink so much water after the treatment . thanks polly


Hello pollyg263. I am one of the 2 people that Celtic has mentioned having Bowen Therapy at the moment and I can't wait until next Wednesday to get my next treatment

I can't believe how gentle my Therapist touches me yet I can feel the soreness of my body . I feel more calm and positive in myself .My pain level has gone down by about 2% on first waking and later in the day I would say about another 1% ..I know to some people that might not seem a lot but to me it shows me that the treatment is working and hopefully next week it will come down even more. The bad nights with burning pain in my legs and calves has gone ..that alone is a bonus for me and the treatment to upper body is Heaven took me a long time to Go For It but I am so pleased that I did Best wishes trish29


me too trish I kept saying I will give it a go. so when I could feel my pmr having a flare. I thought do it now and try hold it back, so I hope it does the trick. I don't really know how long it takes for the treatment to work fully maybe a few days, so I cannot say but as you say if it stays like this I wont worry, lets hope it does the trick for us fingers x


Trish, don't forget you are starting from quite a bad place so even the tiniest improvement must feel worth it. Fingers crossed for more improvement next week.


Hi Celtic .. Yes just 1% off my pain level is a Bonus ..I am listening to my body and getting rest as well when I can . I feel at last there is something that can help me with my pain ,it's not complete relief but that sharpness of the pain is easier. We will see next week what I feel like after the 3rd treatment.. I trust my Therapist and her nice cool hands giving me such a relaxing treatment ..Next day I feel relaxed and quite tired at tyhe same time but I want to continue with this Therapy if I'm allowed Celtic ...trish 29



Joanna is a 'white witch' they are the good witches. I just wish I had listened to you much earlier.

I will continue seeing Joanna whenever I need a boost for the rest of my life.

I was so pleased the lady in the USA has tried it and reported how pleased she is, even though it means a long drive.

Celtic, we had a Bowen Therapist come to a Support group meeting, in fact two came along as she brought a male therapist. They were brilliant, both had been registered and practising Bowen for over 15 years.

They told a shortened story of Bowen and then I looked at Tom Bowen's story on the web, it was fascinating.

I don't care how it works, it just worked for me, no walking stick, no zimmer frame and the wheelchair is still in the garage all wrapped up.


Hello sambucca..well reading your comments re Bowen Therapy you have certainly given me a lot of hope , I've needed a Zimmer frame just recently with the last PMR flare-up that I had but its only to get to the loo next Door first thing in the morning when my pain level is so high ,but after 2 Bowen Therapy treatments in the last 2 weeks I feel in my heart that at last I have found something that is going to work ..I know its not a miracle cure but if I take this Amazing Gentle treatment at a gentle pace then bit by bit the pain level is going to come down . I walk with a 4 wheeled stroller so you Never know with time that may go as well ..I can't see me not using my Mobility Scooter though but I will certainly try ..its my 3rd treatment this week and my Therapist is just so gentle..when I first went to her my pain level was 10/10 all day but now today I feel it gets to 8/10 ..that's 2% difference which is quite a lot when you are talking of constant pain. I wish I had gone for this Therapy before ..You are not told enough about all the painful things that go with taking steroids . Since having my Bowen Therapy I haven't been up in the night with the Water Retention in my feet and legs and the Burning calves which is a big Bonus ..Let's hope like you I can soon put my Mobility Aids into storage ..Best Wishes trish 29

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trish I am in the same ball park. just hopeing the flare doesn't over ride the bowens and come back. do you know how long it takes to work fully

from first therapy please


Hi georgia6 I don't know because everyone is different ..I have done quite a bit of research on Bowen and thought it was worth a try ,I have spoken to a few different people who have had the treatment and they have said that it helped them in different ways and I have only spoken to 1 person so far who said that it did nothing for them . I know how I feel in myself and being calmer and more Positive in myself after 11 years with PMR is enough for me to want to continue with the Therapy, and to have a small decrease on my pain level is another plus side . I feel that I want to take the Therapy on a slow route just like the steroid tapering .The problem that I don't want to meet on this new road is Family and Friends still getting fed up with me because I am still fighting the exhaustion and can't get on with my Day like they do . I don't mind how long this Therapy takes with breaks in between if necessary as I like you don't want anymore flare- ups on the way . I will listen to my Therapists advice and I can't wait until next Wednesdays treatment ..Good Luck and keep me posted . trish29


oh no 11 years that really scares me. I thought I was nearing the end after 3.5 years

but we are all different, so fingers x this thing will burn out. soon thanks for the inffoe though x


trish I don't know why I am coming up as Georgia 6 wheni am really pollyg. lol. it will be something I have messed with on my laptop lol


I have just finished my first set of three bowen treatments. My sleeping has come back to normal. Also tapered down to 15mg so that may have had an effect too. I am giving the treatment the credit though.


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