Hello to you all. I haven't posted lately but I regularly read and appreciate all the advice and support given.

I have got my just reduced preds to 5.5mg from 6mg and am coping quite well generally but lately the pains in my hands and wrists are getting worse as are the pins and needles. I spoke to a lady at a recent meeting I attended and she told me she uses Epsom Salts which she found helped her. I bought some and soak my hands for about 20-30 mins. So far they are no better but I figure I might be getting impatient, Has anybody else tried this and is it worth continuing.

Many thanks


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  • It is suggested to soak your feet in Epsom Salts if they are swollen due to pred, so I suppose it may be the same with hands.

  • Thanks Piglette. I hadn't read about it before on this forum & just wondered if anyone else had tried it. I'll try anything to keep pain at bay so I can keep reducing preds

  • I have found that the important thing is to take enough pred to keep the inflammation under control. If you try and reduce or even stay the same when it is not under control eventually you have to increase. I learnt from bitter experience!

  • I appreciate your response piglette. I know the need for slow reduction and perhaps I just needed reminding. I have a weight problem which has been made worse by the steroids. This depresses me, hence my longing to get off them. When I last had a flare up I had to go up to 15mgs & my appetite shot up - so much that an apple or suchlike won't do. I have also developed Diabetes, albeit borderline. When I've been able to cut the preds I've felt so pleased, but your message has helped me get things in perspective. The preds are preferable to the pain.

    Thanks again


    PS The up side is that I have a head of thick curly hair. I'm 66 and have never had a curl before :)

  • Have you tried cutting carbohydrates in your diet? I have lost 19kg of the pred weight gain over the last two and a half years, partly due to a change in medication but also by being very strict with carbs. When I eat a bit more due to holidays or visitors I don't lose, too much and I gain a couple of pounds but it goes immediately once I am back to my strict reduced carbs normal diet.

    Several people on the forums have tried it - some have lost weight, others didn't put pred weight on. It also deals with the pre-diabetes problem: if you aren't eating as many carbs then you don't need much insulin to keep your blood sugar in normal range. The American Diabetes Association has approved a low carb diet as a way of managing diabetes so it isn't just speculation.

  • Thankyou PMRpro you have given me the nudge needed to do this. I have heard this before but over recent months the loss of my dad & weight gain have caused depression & apathy. I feel like I am on a hamster wheel going round & getting nowhere. I know I have to help myself more but sometimes it's so hard. Bread is my downfall when I am low so I need to get focused & look for alternatives. I will look for further suggestions on line.

    Best wishes & thanks


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