Problems with balance and shakiness

Please can anyone advise me if a flare up of PMR can include serious balance problems and general all over shakiness. I have been to my GP and he advised me he doesn't think its PMR but something else and has referred me to a neurologist. I do have back pain (sacroiliac joint dysfunction diagnosed by my chiropractor) but have no shoulder/arm muscle pains as one would normally expect from PMR. I am on 10mg of prednisolone having reduced from 15 over the last 5 weeks. This 15mg was taken for just a week to address what my doctor thought was a flare up at that time. I am tempted to try and up the Pred to 20mg for a while as when I was first diagnosed with PMR in August 2012 just to see if I get any respite from this debilitating balance problem. My thinking is that if there is some improvement it will verify that it is a flare up. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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It has been my experience that the balance and shakiness is a result of the medicines. I split my dosage and that has helped a great deal.


Thank you 30048. I will certainly give that a try. Regards. Terry


Soon, I just posted a reply to you but it seems to have gone AWOL! It was just to say that I don't see how increasing your steroid dose to 20mg will address your balance problem. In fact, steroids themselves can cause dizziness and shakiness, whereas a true flare will present very differently. Hopefully referral to the neurologist will provide an answer.


Thank you Celtic. I'll just battle on until I see the neurologist and in the mean time split the dosage as suggested by 30048. Regards. Terry


I am 57 years old and was diagnosed with PMR and started taking prednisone three years ago. I have also had problems with balance and shakiness. I've recently fallen three times. I think the prednisone causes some of this as well as the muscle weakness I am experiencing. Two of my falls have been caused by not lifting my leg high enough to step up a stair or to step into my car - something I've never had problems with before PMR and prednisone. I am interested in what the neurologist tells you so please keep me posted.


Thanks JJ. Just how long I'll have to wait to see the neurologist is a case of 'how long is a piece of string' but I'll certainly let you know what they say. Regards. Terry


These are exactly the symptoms I am experiencing. The imbalance and shakiness. I already had a tremor and the prednisone is just magnifying it. I really feel insecure walking. I have noticed it even affects my handwriting. Considering using a cane for support. One thing I've noticed is the lack of knowledge ( or maybe caring?) that doctors seem to have about the spectrum of this illness. Does anyone else notice this?


Hi Soon 70, have periodically had that since starting pred at 80 mg s / day (/GCA).

They diagnosed a dissecting cartoid artery.

Possibly look into a cat scan of the major vessels of your neck and chest.

May be important.

Currently, I take an extra baby aspirin (81 MG's) and use ginger in hot tea -- for the times of dizziness.

If it gets too bad I call my cardiologist or internist.

Good luck , as you move forward with these rare and serious diseases.

Wish you health and healing,



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