Preds and Alcohol?

I'm sure this has probably been talked of before on here... but rather than troll through many posts and being a newbie to PMR and steroids, I am a social drinker, and do enjoy the odd can of beer or glass of wine with my meal especially a curry? Again, read so many conflicting stories about taking alcohol with Pred? Can anyone answer is it OK just for the odd can (just one!!) or glass of wine now and again, and I mean just once a week?

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  • Whilst alcohol can suppress our adrenal glands which are already being suppressed by the steroids, it certainly wouldn't make sense to over-indulge. However, the minute quantity that you are enjoying is most unlikely to cause a problem.....go ahead and continue enjoying!

  • I will now.. but in very small moderation... Thanks..

  • If it isn't - I'm in trouble! My GP knows I drink wine - and more than once a week, I live in Italy. She has never suggested not to!

    Some of us found that our tastes changed - a couple of us went off the heavier red wines we had enjoyed and dry white was too acid. I never used to enjoy very fruity or flowery wines - now I love a good Gewuerztraminer (one of our local wines in fact).

  • Thanks PMRpro.. would seem a shame to waste the cans I have left in the fridge and the 2 bottles of wine in the rack... It seems to be one of those 'grey' areas, where there is no real definition of Yes or No!!

  • Nice to see those replies, which certainly were good news for me!!!

    Interestingly, I find my tastes have changed too - especially coming off the heavy red wines (even one small glass of it made me feel bad).

  • I was known as the 'Brandy Queen' (small measure) during the 5 years I was on pred. It was developed by Medieval Monks as a Medicine.

    I also went off reds and turned to whites, but a glass was enough and not everyday.

    Still had a G&T occasionally, no-one ever said 'no alcohol'.

    Moderation is the key.

  • Living in "wine country" my rheumy has not restricted me to wine! I have had 18 months , currently on 8 mg.. of prednisone and thankfully no relapses! Started at 50 mgs. And have worked my way down! Praying no relapses!!! I do have one to two glasses of wine per day.

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