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Just a moan

Lower spine pain becoming almost unbearable. Told gp, not interested, blame the pred. I have tried increasing pred from 8 to 10 but no relief. Walking is becoming evermore difficult but I try to keep mobile. I Don't want to increase pred anymore but if needs must I'll have to. The Pain is making me feel physically sick. Sorry to moan but I've had a belly full of this disease and a bigger belly full of the pred ,although it's supposed to help us. I feel stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. But hey ho it's a beautiful day so I'll go and sit in garden and absorb some vitd from the sun. Hopefully you all feel better than me today.

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Find yourself a Bowen therapy practitioner - this is what I call PMR+ and needs a targeted approach. There are other ways of dealing with it and it may need a local cortisone injection but since that requires a cooperative and sympathetic doctor try the other option which you can access without a prescription.

This is what it involves - look at his videos

It doesn't look anything but believe me, it can achieve miracles with low back pain. I can vouch for it and there are a few others on the forum who have tried it too. i hope they will back me up.


Thanks pmrpro I'll take a look.


Hi Jjackdaw I know exactly how you feel and also have a love hate relationship with pred. I get to the point I just want to stop taking the drugs but know I cant! It's so limiting and very tiring being in constant pain / discomfort. Hope you feel better soon😀😀😀


Thanks griggser, I know we all suffer but just as you think you're on the mend it all kicks off again.


Bowen therapy is an unproven alternative therapy. You can read about it on quack watch.

It is highly unlikely to help you although they will happily take your money.


Thanks saxkody I won't be trying bt anytime soon but the read up was interesting.


And what are quackwatch's qualifications for rubbishing alternative therapies and their practitioners which by their very nature are "unproven". By the way the link would not work for me "page cannot be displayed".



I suffered lower back pain when I was on Pred for GCA. I had no alternative to taking pred. Turned out it was because the 'axis' was still sending out signals. I took a tablespoon of brandy when the pain, on a scale of 1-10 got to 7.

I also ended up in a wheelchair as I could not walk more than two car lengths and also a Blue Badge.

Then I took PMRpro's advice and went to a Bowen Therapist. I walked in on a friends arm and a walking stick. Needless to say, I walked out and forgot my stick.

I went from being in a wheelchair, using a zimmer frame and walking stick to putting them all in a garage.

So, it has worked for me and it has worked for other people. How do I know - try getting an appointment.

If the therapy is "an unproven alternative" why it is being tested by the NHS if you have been referred to a Pain Management Clinic.

I am very sceptical about alternative therapies, but would not throw them all out the guiding line for me being 'do no harm' and Bowen does no harm and I did not have to swallow another drug either.


Hi, Aches and. pains seem worse with preds but in my case returned to normal level when steroids stopped. GP put me on paracetamol which work. Bearable anyway. Did a mile down to beach yesterday and went through the pain barrier we sclerosis types are advised to due to low blood flow to muscles in calf. Persevere it will get better I hope for you too!


Just to add my experience: I tried Bowen Therapy and after 4 sessions, realised it wasn't helping me at all. I was really disappointed, but nothing works for everyone, alternative or mainstream.......


Thanks Suzy. I have the greatest respect for everyone posting on the site, especially Sambucca ( she knows!) and all we can share is our experience. But if someone gets a bee in their bonnet about a particular therapy and over-promotes it, as I feel has happened with Bowen, it skews the site and we become funny old ladies rubbing marigold cream into our heads! My local PMR/GCA support group had a Bowen practitioner as the guest speaker this year. I thought it was most odd and can only explain it from this site's influence and one poster in particular. i watched poor old Whittlesey get hounded off the site and she was just expressing her opinion too.

Peace and joy to all cx


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