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Hi this forum is really helpful , the problem I'm having is this I was diagnosed with PMR by my GP two and a half years ago and put on prednisolone at 20mg and told to make an appointment in six months , which I did. The appointment was with another GP who requested blood test every three weeks and on the results reduce prednisolone , which I have and got it down to one and a half, still with some discomfort , I then had an allergic reaction cause unknown , A&E visit required all sorted but back on 20mg prednisolone for three days I then returned to my 1.5 mg prednisolone and had a flare up took an executive decision to in up my dosage 1 mg a day till I was getting some relief then start reduction , all was well until a massive flare up early morning requiring 111 to be called and a visit by my doctor now being referred to hospital at last.!!! I have discovered more from the forum than any other place.

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You mean that your GP stuck you on 20mg and left you there for 6 months? I do wonder why when they know half the story they don't go away and read up on the other half!

Good luck - and do tell us how you get on.


Hi, can't believe the 6 months apmt thing!! Glad you referred to hospital, good luck, keep us informed! :-)


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