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Dexa scan results

Had another 'urgent' letter from my rhummy saying that my scan results showed an unusually high reading which is usually a good thing, but is now requesting i go in for another xray as mine was so much higher than expcted. Has anyone had this happen to them? I dont know what the figures are but i was quizzed by the scanner person at the dexa as to what meds i was taking etc and the bone pictures did look exceptionally dazzlingly white!

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A gentleman on another forum had readings in the plus rage I've never seen before but his doctor didn't appear concerned.

However, it is something that needs checking out in case there is an underlying reason causing it.


This is a time when you need to discuss what this all means with the GP. You need to be able to ask sensible questions; but go armed so that you are not fobbed off easily and can stick to what it is you need to know......after all it's your body.

Part of the interpretation of the DEXA requires the technician doing the x-ray to ask the questions you were asked. Also, did you have your scans (I assume you've had more than one?) on the same machine? It is considered good practice to have them on the same machine if possible, as these machines can vary slightly in results given. might explain the numbers, if you haven't already seen this or know it.

You can do a survey for fracture risk (part of the equation) here - to get graphs etc. But please discuss with your medic - do not take at face value PLEASE!!. You need to know your BMD (Bone Mineral Density) to do the survey, and you will have this in the results of the DEXA scan. Mine were sent to both me and the Rheumy - but I don't know what happens if a GP orders the test - maybe speak to your GP if you haven't seen the results and don't have the numbers.

I can't stress highly enough that you need to discuss this in relation to you personally with your medic - or get referred to someone who can help you if a GP can't. Our bodies, ages and lifestyles are all different. One size does not fit all!!

Good luck.......


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