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Are you under 70 and have you lost sight through GCA?

Hello everyone,

A journalist for an important national paper is looking for people who have suffered sight loss (one or two eyes) as a result of late diagnosis of GCA. He would like to do a telephone interview please. If you can help, please contact me immediately with brief details on or call our info line on 0300 999 5090. Thank you!!

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People can lose sight with GCA without ever getting a diagnosis, I'm afraid.


Has that happened to you?


I am partially sighted these days. R-eye has been wrecked badly, moved onto the L. I had retinal vascular hemmorage. It hasn't been easy, let's put it this way. I also had "stroke" a few years ago. inflammation tends to narrow the vessels leading to rupture. I was bed bound for 2-3 yrs. initially, diagnosed as having ME. I had a hallmark symptoms for GCA. Nobody was interested.


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