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I am due for a head MRI scan on the 23rd March, also waiting for an ENT appointment, and also eye clinic, all at Addenbrook's re suspected WG. the ANCA result came back negative, I suspect due to the steroids I take ?

Whilst waiting for all these tests my symptoms were getting worse, so my Dr. has increased the Pred [ 2 days ago ] from 20mgs to 25 mgs, and I'm feeling a lot better, my headaches are better and my red blood shot eyes wich were sore and bulging are also better, although I still have some blood coming from the sinus's

My question is....... could the higher dose of Pred scupper the head MRI scan, ENT, and eye test?

I am so fed up with all the waiting for these tests and feel that if they were done sooner before high doses of steroids are giving maybe a proper result would be got ?

I was diagnosed 16 years ago with GCA , so I am usually on the GCA/PMR site but obviouly find this site more informative for the suspected WG. I'm wondering if the WG is secondary to the GCA maybe I have both together ?

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I meant to have posted the above on the vasculitis site.


What is the URL for the vasculitis site?


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