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Reducing Pred -Update

I saw my Dr today to discuss my experience of my first flare, explained I was doing well on 10mg of Pred but not quite so well on 9mg. Told him about this forum and other people's experience on reducing too quickly, I'm back on 12.5mg for four weeks and then reduce by 1mg at a time each month until I get back to 10mg.

It was quite refreshing to find he is listening to what I have to say and agrees the reduction should be slowly and in accordance with my symptoms.

This forum is a great place for support and information, I don't know what I would have done without it.

Thank you to everyone who posts on this forum, I realise this is going to be a long journey but feel better to face it with the help of a forum like this.

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I too went from 10 to 1 too fast. symptoms returned quickly. I called Dr he agreed and raised my medication for 2 more weeks than ordered bloodwork then.

yes this foum is very helpful.


Hi, how weird is that I had exactly the same problem going from 10 to 9mg, I couldn't get an appointment for 2 weeks, and having followed this forum, I am afraid I took my health into my own hands I put myself back on 10mg, have an appointment this week so hope the Doc ok with it....scared now


Hi, I also increased my pred from 9mg to 10mg but with no joy, increased to 11mg for a couple of days & then to 11.5mg for a few days. Dr told me not to increase by more than 2.5mg, as I still had some neck & shoulder pain he told me to increase to 12.5mg, so far so good - fingers crossed!

I too was scared about discussing my increase & the way forward, I'm glad I went to see him now.

Good luck with your appointment & don't be afraid to discuss your thoughts with your Dr.


Thanks PJPS, will let you all know


Have you seen the very slow reduction scheme where you spread even a 1mg drop over a few weeks? 10 to 9 is a common place for people to get stuck and a lot of people find that going VERY slowly has helped them get further down. I never managed below 9mg until I tried it that way. A similar scheme is being used by a consultant in the north and this one is being looked at closely by other doctors.

Type "dead slow and nearly stop" into the search box at top right to find the thread where it is described.

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