Confusing day!

Had my appointment with ophthalmologist today, results very slight pressure in right eye seeing me again in 6 wks. .

However, this was the same lady I saw in A and E a few weeks ago,

She said I had a chat about you with the rheumatologist the next day and we both are really not sure you have GCA. . . . You are too young (51) . . . . And you are not displaying any typical symptoms. . .

By this time I was thinking. . What the hell do I have then.? The best thing I could come up with was, but what about the inflammatories in my bloods CRP 113 is that not a good indicator along with everyone displays diseases in different ways and the fact I responded so well to the Pred. .

Her reply was Pred is a complete masker it does not cure anything most people react to Pred like you did.

Me. . So what else could the high CRP be then, . . Her. . That's where your GP comes in they do all the detective work.

So where on earth do I go from here. . Do I insist my GP looks further into all this or I do accept I have GCA and eventually wean myself off the Pred. . I'm blinking confused now.

I should just add my white blood cells are way above normal limits I can post my blood results if anyone is interested in helping do some detective work. . . Ha ha

Confused . Com Lisa . . I've not lost my sense of humour. . . Yet! X

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  • Forgot to add as well i asked, do you keep a check in my eyes while I'm on the Pred, no she said there are thousands of people who take steroids we would not have time to see them all, and besides STERIODS don't affect your vision.

    She thinks I need to visit the optician to get my distance glasses updated, I only use them for driving!

    Even though I told her I could pinpoint the blurred vision in starting to take the Pred. X

  • Pred can cause blurred vision (what eye course did she attend?). Your eye checks you need when on pred can be done by the optician - probably better by the sound of things. You need pressures checked annually (same a glaucoma) - the eye department here in Italy feels 6-monthly but admitted they do like to err on the safe side. Pred also leads to raised white cell counts. Put your results up - it will be interesting.

    The GPs do the detective work do they? And come to a conclusion and the local specialist scoffs it seems. There are some tests the GP cannot order, a consultant has to do that. And they are meant to be the experts.

    Sorry Lisa, don't know - what was atypical I wonder? Where are you again?

  • Evening PMRpro thanks for your reply.

    I'm in North Devon. England.

    It's all very worrying isn't it.

    I will post my blood results in the morning

    Lisa x

  • Is going to Bristol an option? They have a fast track set-up for query GCA.

  • Evening PMRpro thanks for your reply.

    I'm in North Devon. England.

    It's all very worrying isn't it.

    I will post my blood results in the morning

    Lisa x

  • Ok PMRpro, my blood results I'm going to write exactly as it says on my print out so hope it all makes sense to you.

    haemoglobin 138 g/l

    Total white blood count 16.88 (above high reference range) range should be 4.0-11.0

    Platelet count 451 (above high reference range) range should be 150.0 - 400.0

    Neutrophil count 13.71 (above high reference range) range should be 1.8 - 7.5

    Monocytes count 1.13 (above high reference range) range should be 0.0 - 1.0

    Eosinophil count 0.03 ( below low reference range) range should be 0.04 - 0.4

    Also my hormone results are odd. . . . Just to remind you this GCA ? Started with heavy uterine bleeding after no periods for 2 hrs. . . .

    22nd Oct 25th Nov

    FSH 26.9. FSH 8.8

    LH 17.6. LH 2.5

    it would seem I was entering the menopause with those high readings however what started the bleeding and why have the results gone right down suggesting in not entering the menopause afterall, I'm still on anti bleed tablets (Utovlan) as if I stop I bleed non stop. . . can the steriods alter your homes that much in a month do you think.

    I feel there has to be a connection somewhere with the both ends and Rheumy also wondered if there was a connection.

    Anyway I'm rambling on now, what do you reckon PMRpro

    Lisa x

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