update on sciatica etc

Hi haven't posted on here for a while, I was feeling better and concentrating on that. At the same time I have reduced the preds from 10 to 9 unfortunately I am feeling very tired and have aching thighs it isn't like the pain of sciatica which I had for nearly 3 months(and seems to have cleared up don't shout it) but a general ache with a wanting and need to sit down at regular intervals. I have reduced the preds because I have to see the rheumy tomorrow and she will hit the roof if I'm still on 10 mg. Wendy

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Wendy - is this pain a cramp-like pain that comes on when walking/climbing stairs and then goes away with stopping what you are doing? If so it is claudication pain and needs to be mentioned to your doctors - at this stage I hope you did ask the rheumy.


no its not a cramp type pain nor is it a sciatica pain its just a tired ache even when i have done nothing


I often felt tired and had to sit down when on 9-10 mg and higher; think it is part of the PMR symptoms you have to put up with for the time being.


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