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I just read this week that the gene HLB27 was found in Neanderthals where Ankylosing Spondylitis was also present. The documentary that was referenced suggested that having this gene was a significant marker for other autoimmune diseases such as well. Mentioned were RA, Lupus, and Crohns among others. I found it interesting because my father had Ankylosing Spondylitis, along with iritis which is often an accompanying presentation. I've always wondered where my PMR and GCA came from as I thought I was superbly healthy before the onset, with no medications or any health issues. I'm looking for the link to reference this, but it's lost in my email! Will keep looking ...

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Thanks, Johnny. Will look into this. Do you know if they are working on any treatments, using this marker. This type of treatment, may be over all, more healthy than upping the prednisone for PMR. May have PMR, in addition to GCA. Shortly before Christmas, tremendous pain left arm, muscular, neck and some right arm. Could not raise my left arm. will be talking to my rheumatologist (good one) after Christmas. Want to avoid the increase.

Feeling a little better, now. Can raise my right arm.

Do ointments into the muscle help?

Merry Christmas, all my best to you, Whittlesey


I agree that it would be wonderful if we knew how to address the underlying causes, rather than just suppress the symptoms. I'm not aware of any research, other than examining the gut microbiome for abnormalities. As for your symptoms, they seem identical to those of a friend of mine whose first symptoms of flare were arm pain, extending into the neck and shoulder. The upped prednisone took care of it. I asked her about topical preparations and she said they were soothing but didn't affect the pain. I found the same thing when I had undiagnosed PMR for 2 years. Nothing helped - not massage, A.R.T., non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, or creams.


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