This is a new post, as wrote before, I was diagnosed with pmr last october and now i am down to 3 mg of pred, 2 weeks ago i was on 5 mg, when someone asked why i didn't try aleve for the pain. when i went to the doctors about 2-3 months ago, i was told the the inflamation levels were normal, so i tried the aleve and now i have no pain, so i went to 4mg for a week and now i am taking 3 mg and do hope that i will soon be off the pred, since taking the aleve 2 weeks ago, i have had no pain.

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  • Not having heard of aleve I googled it - it is naproxen, a non steroidal anti-imflammatory. This was the first drug my GP gave me before I was diagnosed with PMR. I understand that now I am on Prednisolone I shouldn't take naproxen or any similar drug. I have found that while decreasing pred any pain I get is eased with paracetamol.

  • For both of you - many of us find that no painkillers make much difference to PMR pain. I had 5 years of pMR without pred - nothing touched the pain. It is of course possible that the pain you are feeling is something else that pred has covered up. A few people have found that they get osteoarthritis pain once they get to lower doses of pred.

  • I am not sure but the night I took the Aleve, woke up to no pain and have had no pain since, I am now down to 3mg, and going to 2 mg this weekend. still no pain.

  • I understood the same Jenden and I, too, take paracetamol for any pain I am getting whilst decreasing.

  • Do you take the aleve every day?

  • got down to 5.5 and started hurting pretty bad and went back up to 6 w/o much improvement

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