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I have posted this about a week ago, I have been to see the GP because it wasn,t getting any better on paracetamol and nurofen. He has confirmed it is sciatica and had a good poke around my spine etc and was pleased with the way I can raise and lower my legs. Unfortunately I still cannot walk in comfort. He has given me cocodamol and said to carry on with nurofen. I am not entirely happy with cocodamol and said so but he said see how you go on come back when they have all gone(2 weeks) and then we will think again. All the info on the internet says don't sit too much keep moving etc. but it hurts what am I supposed to do. This morning after going to the doctors fetching the prescription and doing some shopping I was done in and in pain so apart from cooking some dinner I have spent most of the rest of the day lieing down with a hot water bottle in position Thanks for listening Wendy

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Are you sure you are taking the tablets correctly? Many people don't take the first dose until they are in pain, which in this kind of situation is what * not * to do.

Take the first dose first thing before the pain either starts up or begins to get worse and then take them regularly during the day. They don't work instant miracles but after a few days the pain should lessen so that you can move more and as you move more the pain should lessen.

Are you able to do stretches? A series of stretches carried out regularly often helps with sciatica and can help prevent future attacks.


Gabapentin is commonly prescribed for neuropathic pain as this can persist even when the original trigger has been tackled. Google it for further info.


A common cause of sciatic pain is the nerve being pinched by a spasmed muscle in the lower back. Physio, massage or Bowen therapy can all work miracles. That is always my first port of call when I'm in that state.


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